This page is a compendium of various bits of Bermuda-related data that I maintain and collate.

Bermuda Election Results

This is an on-line list of Bermuda general election and bye-election results since 1989.  You can browse the results by date, constituency, and candidate.   

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Bermuda National Grid (2000)

The Bermuda National Grid (BNG) is the official coordinate system for Bermuda, and is used for maps, GIS, and other geographic data about Bermuda.  For example the coordinates you see from the land valuation office are in BNG. This page lets you convert between BNG and latitude/longitude, and find BNG results on Google Maps. 

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Bermuda Aerial Photographs (1940)

Browse aerial photographs of Bermuda from 1940.  These photos go down to about about a meter or so of resolution. I've converted the photographs from the specialized MrSid GIS format into Google Maps format so they can be browsed online from a web browser (courtesy of the MapTiler app). I also have photos from 1973.

Thank you to the National Museum of Bermuda for making this data available. 

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Bermuda Aerial Photographs (1973)

Browse aerial photographs of Bermuda from 1973, similar to the 1940 photos. Also thank you to the National Museum of Bermuda for making this data available.

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